Paper Circular Polarized 3D Glasses (Black)

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Oz 3D Optics Australia stock only quality paper circular polarized 3D Glasses. The lenses in our circular polarized 3D glasses are manufactured to a very high standard and are made for commercial home viewing of 3D movies, multi-media displays, 3D laser shows and ride simulators. !! PLEASE NOTE THESE GLASSES ARE NOT DESIGNED FOR WATCHING HOME 3D MOVIES UNLESS YOU OWN A PASSIVE 3D TV. THESE CANNOT BE USED AS A REPLACEMENT FOR ACTIVE (BATTERY OPERATED) SHUTTER GLASSES !!! How it Works Circular polarized glasses have two polarizing lenses which have their polarization directions at clockwise and anticlockwise. By adding the same polarised lenses in front or a projector/s or lasers the left eye sees the left image but the right eye sees this as black Whereas the right eye sees the right image and blacks out the left image. Finally our brain does the rest and merges the two images together to display what we are watching in 3D. Circular polarised glasses are often used in 3D cinemas and 3D movie rides where side to side movement of the ride would cause loss of the 3D effect with standard linear polarised glasses. Circular polarised lenses prevent this from happening. Lens Quality, Why use our Glasses? When it comes to viewing polarised media, the quality of our circular polarized glasses is vitally important to getting the best effect. Don't be fooled into buying cheap polarised 3D glasses as there is a chance that the manufacturer has cut costs by using low quality laminates that aren't as clear and will give you an inferior result. The special mutli-layered lenses used in our polarised 3D glasses offer top quality and high clarity. This guarantees you the best polarised 3D effect available. Product Specifications Dimensions: 400mm x 36mm Thickness: 0.5mm Paper Materials: 2 layer of 250Gsm card stock printed black on the front and back. Construction: Lenses bonded between two layers of card stock. Packaging: Individually folded and poly-bagged, 75pcs to a box, 1,350pcs per/ctn. Custom Printed Circular Polarised 3D Glasses If your looking for a promotional product Oz 3D Optics can provide your with your own custom printed circular polarized 3D glasses with your company logo or other advertising artwork. We can even provide them with tear-off coupons and vouchers. Whatever your requirements give us a call to discuss your needs.
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