Large Red/Cyan Hand Held Viewers (DISCOUNTED OVERS)

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The lenses in our Red / Cyan hand held 3D viewers are manufactured to a high standard and are perfect for viewing 3D books, pictures, movies, websites, games, computer applications in 3-D and promotional marketing purposes. THESE PAPER RED/CYAN 3D VIEWERS ARE LEFT OVER FROM A CUSTOM PRINT RUN. THEY ARE A LARGER VERSION OF OUR STANDARD PAPER RED/CYAN 3D VIEWERS. THEY HAVE BEEN CUSTOM PRINTED ON THE FRONT AND BACK SO WE ARE SELLING THEM AT A DISCOUNT RATE. FRONT COLOUR IS CLOSE TO A PMS 199. BACK COLOUR HAS A LOGO IN BLACK ON IT. Only 10,000pcs available. (Colour: Red front and back) MINIMUM ORER OF 100pcs What can they be used for? Red / Cyan 3D viewers are the the best choice for viewing 3D books, magazines and pictures on the Internet. They are the most common type of anaglyph 3D viewers used. How it works A three-dimensional effect is produced when two views of the same subject (either moving or still) scenes are viewed with two correspondingly coloured filters matching the colours in the image. This allows one eye to view one image and the other eye a similar image viewed from a slightly different angle. Your brain merges these two slightly different images together and processes the differences between the images to allow you to perceive shape, depth and distance. Lens Quality, Why use our Viewers? When it comes to viewing 3D images, the quality and more importantly the colour of the lenses in 3D viewers is vitally important to getting the best 3D effect. Don't be fooled into buying cheap 3D viewers as there is a high chance that the manufacturer has cut costs by using low quality lenses such as extruded PVC that aren't as clear and are not precisely colour matched giving you an inferior 3D effect. The polyester lenses used in our 3D viewers offer supreme quality, high clarity and are precision colour matched. This guarantees you the best 3D effect available out of a pair of paper 3D viewers bar none. Product Specifications Dimensions: 190mm x 37mm Thickness: 0.5mm Paper Materials: 2 x layers of 250gsm C1S stock, oil based varnish front and back Construction: Red/Cyan filter bonded between two layers of coated paper.
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