Clip-on Red/Cyan 3D Glasses

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If you're looking for high quality resuable plastic clip-on red/cyan 3D Glasses in Australia, Oz 3D Optics can supply your red/cyan clip-on 3D glasses Australia wide. The acrylic lenses in our clip on Red / Cyan 3D glasses are thick, durable, are manufactured to a very high standard and are perfect for viewing 3D books, pictures, movies, websites, games, and computer applications in 3-D. Simplistic and effective, just clip them on to your existing eyewear and your right to go. When your not using them you can just flip them up to give you standard vision again. How it works A three-dimensional effect is produced when two views of the same subject (either moving or still) scenes are viewed with two correspondingly coloured filters matching the colours in the image. Lens Quality, Why use our Glasses? When it comes to viewing 3D images, the quality and more importantly the colour of the lenses in 3D glasses is vitally important to getting the best 3D effect. Don't be fooled into buying cheap 3D glasses as there is an extremely high chance that the manufacturer has cut costs by using low quality lenses that aren't as clear and are not precisely colour matched giving you an inferior result. The lenses used in our plastic clip-on 3D glasses are supreme quality, high clarity, precision colour matched lenses. This guarantees you the best 3D effect available out of a pair of reusable plastic clip-on 3D glasses bar none. Product Specifications Reusable: YES Frame Dimensions: 130mm x 45mm Construction: Cast crylic red and cyan lenses
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