Linear Polarized 3D Glasses Themepark Style


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If your looking to buy top quality plastic themepark linear polarized 3D Glasses? Oz 3D Optics Australia can supply linear polarized 3D Glasses Australia wide. The lenses in our 45/135° plastic linear polarised theme park style 3D glasses are manufactured to a high standard and are perfect for viewing 3D movies, multi-media displays, 3D laser shows and ride simulators. How it Works Linear polarised glasses have two polarizing lenses which have their polarization directions at opposing angles (90° apart). By adding the same polarized lenses in front 2 projectors or lasers the left eye sees the left image but the right eye sees this as black Whereas the right eye sees the right image and blacks out the left image. Finally our brain does the rest and merges the two images together to display what we are watching in 3D. Lens Quality, Why use our Glasses? When it comes to viewing polarised media, the quality and angle of the laminate in polarised glasses is vitally important to getting the best effect. Don't be fooled into buying cheap polarised 3D glasses as there is an extremely high chance that the manufacturer has cut costs by using low quality laminates that aren't as clear and will give you an inferior result. The laminates used in our polarized 3D glasses are supreme quality laminates. This guarantees you the best polarised 3D effect available out of a pair of plastic linear polarised 3D glasses bar none. Product Specifications Reusable: YES Frame Dimensions: 160mm x 50mm Arm Lengths: 170mm Frame Type: Theme Park Style (Fixed Arms, no hinges) Construction: strong smooth ABS plastic frames supporting 45°/135° liner polarised lenses
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