Amber/Blue ColorCode Compatible 3D Glasses

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If you're looking for buy high quality resuable plastic 3D Glasses Oz 3D Optics Australia has these in stock and ready for immediate dispatch. The lenses in our Amber/Blue ColorCode Compatible plastic 3D glasses (anaglyphic glasses) are thick, durable, are manufactured to a high standard and are perfect for viewing 3D books, pictures, movies, websites, games, and computer applications in the amber/blue 3-D anaglyph format. How it works A three-dimensional effect is produced when two views of the same subject (either moving or still) scenes are viewed with two correspondingly coloured filters matching the colours in the image. This allows one eye to view one image and the other eye a similar image viewed from a slightly different angle. Your brain merges these two slightly different images together and processes the differences between the images to allow you to perceive shape, depth and distance. Lens Quality, Why use our Glasses? When it comes to viewing 3D images, the quality and more importantly the colour of the lenses in the 3D glasses is vitally important to getting the best 3D effect. The lenses used in our Amber/Blue ColorCode Compatible plastic 3D glasses are excellent quality, high clarity, colour matched lenses. This guarantees you the best 3D effect available out of a pair of reusable plastic 3D glasses bar none. Please note that as these are not the official ColorCode 3D glasses they will not be an exact match the the lenses found in original colourcode 3D glasses. However the colours in our Amber/Blue ColorCode Compatible glasses are very close. This will help to avoid ghosting when viewing this type of anaglype format. Product Specifications Reusable: YES Frame Dimensions: 146mm x 42mm Arm Lengths: 118mm Construction: strong smooth dark blue plastic hinged frames supporting thick acrylic amber and blue lense.
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