ColorCode 3D Glasses, (Amber / Blue)

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Oz 3D Optics are you local supplier of stock ColorCode amber/blue 3D glasses and we can ship from 5pcs anywhere in the world. ColorCode 3D is a patented 3-D Stereo system. It is the only in the world to reproduce 3-dimensional images in a simple way with full color- and depth information on all display media including analogue film.The ColorCodeViewer™ (ColorCode 3D Glasses) are equipped with special Amber / Blue filters. These colored filters are sometimes confused with Anaglyph EG: - red / cyan glasses, but both the filters and the encoding process are entirely different from the more than 150 year old Anaglyph system. The ColorCodeViewer (ColorCode 3D Glasses) are available in standard, stock blue printed frames or can be ordered in customized design and printing. ColorCode 3-D delivers the most powerful visual experience you can get and takes you to the leading edge of presentation with full attention from your audience. ColorCode 3D works with the same glasses or viewers for all display media. Further a ColorCode 3-D image looks almost like an ordinary image when viewed without glasses or a viewer. The ColorCode 3-D system consists of two parts: The ColorCode CX Pro™ Encoding and the ColorCodeViewer™. ColorCode 3-D, the ColorCode 3-D logo, ColorCode CX Pro and ColorCodeViewer are trademarks of ColorCode 3-D Center ApS, Denmark. What can they be used for? Viewing images, movie, DVD's and video footage encoded for use with ColorCode 3D glasses. Product Specifications Dimensions: 420mm x 41mm Thickness: 0.4mm Paper Materials: Card Stock Lenses: ColorCode (Amber / Blue) Colours:Blue on the back, black on the front Construction: ColorCode amber/blue lenses bonded between two layers of printed C1S stock. Custom Printed ColorCode Glasses If you're looking for a promotional product Oz 3D Optics can provide you with your own custom ColorCode 3D glasses printed with your company logo or other advertising artwork. Whatever your requirements give us a call to discuss your needs.
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