Hannah Montana, Miley Cyrus (Lenticular 3D Poster)

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3D glasses are not required to view lenticular prints! This is an official licensed lenticular 3D poster of Hannah Montana / Miley Cyrus, under license from Disney. The poster is printed directly onto high quality polyester lenticular sheet with a white backing and very nice 3D depth and a great transitional effect. These 3D posters are designed to either hang on a wall or place over a window. Lenticular 3D prints offer the closest 3D effect to a full colour hologram without having to spend a fortune and without having to wear 3D glasses. We find that for improved viewing it's best to have your lenticular 3D poster it in a well lit room or attach it to a window so the poster is backlit from behind. Poster Dimensions: 470mm Wide x 670mm High x 0.75mm Thick Poster Weight: 260g (approx)
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