My Bloody Valentine 3D Glasses

FOR QUANTITIES ABOVE 2'000 UNITS PLEASE CALL US FOR A BULK PRICE! !!! Minimum order QTY 10pcs, sold in lots of 10 !!!
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If you're looking for additional original My Bloody Valentine 3D Glasses in Australia, Oz 3D Optics have them in stock, ready for immediate dispatch. Lens Quality, Why use our Glasses? When it comes to viewing 3D images, the quality and more importantly the colour of the lenses in 3D glasses is vitally important to getting the best 3D effect. Don't be fooled into buying cheap 3D glasses as there is a high chance that the manufacturer has cut costs by using low quality lenses such as extruded PVC that aren't as clear and are not precisely colour matched giving you an inferior 3D effect. The polyester lenses used in our 3D glasses offer supreme quality, high clarity and are precision colour matched. This guarantees you the best 3D effect available out of a pair of paper 3D glasses bar none. Product Specifications Dimensions: 406mm x 36mm Thickness: 0.5mm Paper Materials: C1S 200Gsm card stock Construction: Polyester lenses bonded between two layers of C1S stock printed with My Bloody Valentine 3D graphics. Custom Printed 3D Glasses If you're looking for a promotional product Oz 3D Optics can provide you with your own custom 3D anaglyphic glasses printed with your company logo or other advertising artwork. We can even provide them with tear-off coupons and vouchers. Whatever your requirements give us a call to discuss your needs.
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